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A sample Day to Get You Started

by matt long on December 27, 2020

Southern Tofu Scramble 

  • Making tofu scramble starts with sauteeing down your onions and garlic. Then, crumbling in the pressed tofu. I use firm tofu, but extra firm also works great here. You literally crumble in the tofu using your hands until it resembles the texture in the photos. 
  • Saute it in, then add in the seasonings. This is my favourite scrambled tofu seasoning blend, but feel free to add more of your favourite seasonings.
  • Next, add in the vegan milk. This is the favourite part. It takes that mixture and turns it into a saucy scrambled eggy dish that’ll have you shocked just looking at it. Now, I kind of fold the tofu over itself to get a texture that I love.
  • serve with salad