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About Us


We hope to inspire and enable great cooking, and to us well-made tools are absolutely essential to that. We believe that better tools make for better cooking, and better meals.



If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life.” – Louis Parrish


It’s a wild world out there, but a tender, beautiful one too, made ever more sacred by our daily rituals of eating, drinking, and coming together around the table.


Whether you’re a professional chef or a first-time home cook, whether you’re making three fried eggs or a three course meal, whether you have a custom wine fridge or a hand-me-down mini fridge—kitchens are a sacred source of pride in our homes. They’re the living rooms that have connected people for thousands of years, and we hope to make our subtle mark on that rich history by helping people create more space for the meaningful moments our kitchens deserve.

A question we get a lot is "where are your products made?"

Our products are designed by us in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US   and made for us by manufacturing partners in  Taiwan, USA, China and India. 

Where we manufacture our products depends on what the product is, where the raw materials come from and who has the machinery to make it.